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Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Virtual Call Center *Learn & Earn*

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    3. Course Copyright, Disclaimer, & Terms of Use Agreement

    1. Secretary of State Sites To File Your Legal Entity (All 50 states included)

    2. LLC Filing Fees By State

    3. Fill this form out to file as an S-Corp-2553 with your LLC ( Most Common Structure Amongst IBOs)

    4. Fill This Form to elect to become C-corp with your IBO 8832 (consult with Tax Lawyer, legalshield, or CPA before choosing)

    5. Where To File Form 8832

    6. LLC Operating Agreement (Send for Attorney Revew before filing . You can add on whatever you need to) Step By Step video Instructions: by LLC University

    7. Registering Your IBO on the Arise Platform as a New IBO (Newly Registering with Arise)

    8. Registering Your IBO with Arise as a CSP Transferring to an IBO (Already in Arise Platform)

    9. Things You Need To Know Once You Transfer From CSP To IBO

    10. Getting Your Website, Email, Phone Number, and Duns Set Up

    11. Setting up your professional email, duns, website, phone number

    12. Common Business Bank Accounts Used by IBOs

    13. Virtual Office Address

    14. Virtual Office Address Information

    15. Chapter 1 Completion Survey

    1. Contracts, E-Signatures, and Staying Legal

    2. Links to Contracts and e-signatures

    3. Using Your Independent Agent Agreement

    4. 1099 Vs. W2 Verbiage

    5. 1099 Tax Information

    6. BasicFacts about Trademarking

    7. Copywriting Fees & Information

    8. Using Legal Shield for Protection & Additional Income

    9. More Tax Information

    10. Keeping Your Company Legal & Dealing with Taxes Survey

    11. 1099 Email Delivery Consent Required to be signed to email 1099s to your agents

    1. Get To Know Your Arise Portal

    2. States You Can Not Recruit in With Arise

    3. SOW Tutorial Walk Through (Client Contracts)

    4. Arise System & Equipment Policy (Arise Issued Document

    5. Arise FAQ Sheet From The Portal

    6. 2024 Arise Pay Calendar for IBOs and Sole Proprietors

    1. (Agent View) Getting Your Agents In Your System

    2. (IBO View) Getting Your Agents In Your System

    3. Onboarding Your Agents Step By Step Guide

    4. Interest In Your Company Agent Template

    5. Agent Registration Step By Step Guide (Perfect to send new your agents that need to create an Arise account)

    6. Welcome Email Template

    7. Interview Meet and Greet Flow Chart

    8. Meet & Greet Live Example

    9. Client Pay List

    10. Client Info Guide From Arise

    11. Low Commitment Adherence Email Template.

    12. Link To Google Doc with Facebook Pages For Clients and Some Reviews From Others. (Created by another IBO, Laura)

    13. AutoIBO CRM - The 1st CRM system specifically for IBOs

    1. Paying Your Agents

    2. Common Business Bank Accounts Used By IBOs

    3. Recommended Payment Software To Pay Your Agents

    4. Arise Fee Tier Chart Discounts

    5. Client Pay List

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